About Bubblephil

“I want to start a business in tea drinks. What will I need?”
“There are so many materials involving with the business in drinks. Where can I get them?”
“I have all the materials ready, but what is the best formula?”
These are typical helpless problems that start-up owners do not know how to deal with... We have solutions for you! We are a group of experts who focus on the materials for “bubble tea”! Our technology is professional and extraordinary. Our products are with excellent quality and stable. Our service is multiple and can be customized.

Contact us now Bubblephil will provide the suggestions exclusive to you! —— Since 1986 , Your bubble tea guide .



Product introduction:High-quality materials from Taiwan

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Start-up service

Not only selling raw materials, we are also committed to many relevant teaching! Continuous improvement and innovation to provide more services that meets your demands!