Original Flavored Creamer
Original Flavored Creamer

Original Flavored Creamer

  • Specification1Kg*20 Bags /CTN

  • Weight21Kg


Savor the taste of happiness!

Indulge in luxury beyond measure and explore the new frontier of milk foam ✨🥛

We proudly present our milk foam powder, an essence of creamy luxury that elevates your beverages to unparalleled heights of indulgence. Each sip is a feast of rich milk foam, bursting with creamy delight on your palate, delivering exquisite texture and flavor.

Whether it's a tranquil morning or a bustling afternoon, our milk foam powder adds a unique charm to your drinks. Its creamy aroma and silky texture always promise a luxurious experience.

Let our milk foam powder lead you into a new realm of milk foam, experiencing the infinite joy it brings with its creamy essence. A drink, a luxury, and a delicious feast of milk foam.

Product Specifications

Product NameOriginal Flavored Creamer
Minimum Order Quantity10 boxes in total
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage shop