Paper Straws
Paper Straws

Paper Straws

  • SpecificationMinimalist Design Style

  • WeightSubject to Quantity


Choosing to make a difference for the Earth

- The eco-revolution of paper straws.

Paper straws, as an eco-friendly choice, offer a way to reduce plastic pollution and support sustainable lifestyles. Compared to traditional plastic straws, paper straws are made from biodegradable materials, allowing them to decompose faster in natural environments, thus reducing threats to marine ecosystems and wildlife. Additionally, the production process of paper straws typically involves fewer chemicals, contributing to a lower overall environmental footprint. Choosing paper straws also reflects respect for Earth's resources and a responsible consumer attitude, encouraging people to rethink and change everyday details to promote a greener and more sustainable future. By opting for paper straws, consumers and businesses can participate in the global movement to reduce single-use plastic, demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection through action. Therefore, paper straws are not just an eco-friendly complement to beverages but also a reflection of a lifestyle attitude, reminding us that even the smallest changes can have a positive impact on protecting our planet, which we rely on for survival.

Product Specifications

Product NamePaper Straws
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, any type of beverage shops, desserts, restaurants
  • 6 x 210mm (angled tip): 500 packs per carton
  • 12 x 210mm (pointed tip): 200 packs per carton
Minimum Order Quantity10 cartons