Colorful Pearls(Blue)
Colorful Pearls(Blue)

Colorful Pearls(Blue)

  • Specification3Kg/ 6 Bag or 1Kg/ 20 Bag or 500g/ 24 Bag

  • Weight19Kg / 21kg /13kg


Explore the perfect blend of tradition and innovation

Blue pearl tapioca balls are known for their vibrant color and unique appearance, making them visually appealing dessert choices. Typically dyed with edible colorants, they create a striking blue hue, adding a beautiful touch to various beverages. Beyond enhancing the fun factor of drinks, blue pearl tapioca balls bring a sense of visual freshness to consumers. When added to beverages like bubble tea, their color stands out, lending a unique aesthetic appeal to the drink. This addition not only pleases the palate but also becomes a visual delight. The use of blue pearl tapioca balls represents an interesting variation on traditional tapioca, showcasing innovation and creativity in beverage preparation. In summary, blue pearl tapioca balls offer a new style and enjoyment to traditional drinks through their unique color and visual effects, making them a popular modern beverage ingredient choice.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Blue Candy Pearls
3 kilograms, 6 packs in total; or 1 kilogram, 20 packs in total; or 500 grams, 24 packs in total.
Minimum Order Quantity108 boxes in total.
ApplicationsSuitable for cinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage establishment.