Taro Can
Taro Can

Taro Can

  • Specification3 kg, 6 cans / box

  • Weight19Kg


Pure, natural goodness. Versatile in every can

Explore the purple miracle - our premium taro chunks, the perfect companion for your culinary inspirations! Selected for their soft, dense texture and natural sweetness, our carefully chosen taro is now conveniently canned, ready to enrich your beverages, desserts, and baking creations. Each can is filled with authentic taro flavor, allowing you to effortlessly create gourmet dishes at home. Whether blended into smoothies, added to pastries, or used as a garnish for specialty drinks, these top-quality taro chunks are an ideal choice for unleashing creativity and elevating your culinary creations. Let our premium taro canned be your kitchen's essential delicious secret, embarking on a purple taste adventure.

Product Specifications

Product NameTaro Can
Minimum Order Quantity10 cases
Cinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, any type of beverage shops, desserts, restaurants
Storage Method

Unopened - Can be stored for up to two years.

Opened - Seal tightly, refrigerate, and use as soon as possible.