Mung Bean
Mung Bean

Mung Bean

  • Specification3 kg, 6 cans / box

  • Weight19Kg


Pure, natural goodness. Versatile in every can

Our canned mung beans are made from high-quality mung beans, carefully cooked and sealed to preserve their original flavor and nutrition. These mung beans, processed appropriately, easily transform into smooth mung bean paste, offering a quick and convenient way to prepare various refreshing beverages and desserts. Simply open a can to experience the natural sweetness and smooth texture of mung beans without the need for complex pre-processing, saving you a significant amount of time and effort.

Our canned mung beans are an excellent choice for cooling off in the summer, whether you're making classic mung bean soup, mung bean shaved ice, or innovative mung bean desserts. They not only provide convenience for home kitchens but also offer efficient solutions for food service providers, ensuring that every customer can quickly enjoy delicious, refreshing, and nutritious treats. Choose our canned mung beans for a simple and quick culinary experience, bringing a touch of freshness and sweetness to hot summer days.

Product Specifications

Product NameMung Bean
Minimum Order Quantity10 cases
Cinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, any type of beverage shops, desserts, restaurants
Storage Method

Unopened - Can be stored for up to two years.

Opened - Seal tightly, refrigerate, and use as soon as possible.