Colorful Pearls(Green)
Colorful Pearls(Green)

Colorful Pearls(Green)

  • Specification3Kg/ 6 Bag or 1Kg/ 20 Bag or 500g/ 24 Bag

  • Weight19Kg / 21kg /13kg


Explore the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Green pearl tapioca balls, with their vibrant and unique appearance, are an enticing choice for beverage enhancement. These pearls acquire their appealing green color through the addition of edible colorants, adding a natural touch of emerald green to your drinks. They visually enhance any ordinary beverage, transforming it into a colorful and delightful specialty drink. Green pearl tapioca balls not only capture customers' attention but also provide a novel drinking experience, particularly suitable for sharing on social media. Whether in traditional bubble tea or as an ingredient in other creative beverages, they add a special flavor and enjoyment to your drinks.

Product Specifications

Product Name
Green Candy Pearls
3 kilograms, 6 packs in total; or 1 kilogram, 20 packs in total; or 500 grams, 24 packs in total.
Minimum Order Quantity108 boxes in total.
ApplicationsSuitable for cinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage establishment.