White Gourd Syrup
White Gourd Syrup

White Gourd Syrup

  • Specification2.5 kg / 6 bott or 5 kg / 4 bottles

  • Weight16Kg;21Kg


Infuse your world with the magic of flavored syrups

White Gourd Syrup perfectly blends nature's sweetness with the unique flavor of winter Gourd. We carefully extract the natural essence of white Gourd to infuse your beverages with a pure taste, offering a refreshing texture and rich aroma. This syrup not only provides a certain sweetness but also retains the original characteristics of White Gourd, adding a unique flavor to your drinks. Experience the wonderful taste of White Gourd in just a drop of syrup.

White Gourd Syrup - Beverage Application

  1. Cold Beverages: Add White Gourd Syrup to iced water, cold tea, or soda to create refreshing summer drinks. Adjust the amount of syrup to suit different tastes.
  2. Hot Beverages: Add winter melon syrup to hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to add a unique White Gourd Syrup while adjusting sweetness.
  3. Smoothies and Milkshakes: Incorporate White Gourd Syrup into homemade smoothies or milkshakes for a rich texture and flavor.
  4. Desserts: Use White Gourd Syrup in various desserts, such as ice cream, frozen cakes, puddings, and pastries. It can serve as a topping, flavoring sauce, or garnish.
  5. Salad Dressing: Mix White Gourd Syrup with other dressings to create delicious salad dressings, adding a hint of sweetness and flavor.
  6. Cocktails: White Gourd Syrup can also be used in making various cocktails and alcoholic beverages, bringing unique flavors and sweetness.
  7. Cooking: Use White Gourd Syrup as a seasoning in cooking to add a unique flavor to dishes, especially suitable for barbecue, stir-fries, and sweet and sour dishes.

Product specifications
Product nameWhite Gourd Syrup
Instructions or Method1:4 or 1:5 ratio, typically 30 milliliters, mixed with tea (adjust according to individual taste)
Minimum order quantityTotal of 10 boxes
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage store