Non-Dairy Creamer
Non-Dairy Creamer

Non-Dairy Creamer

  • Specification1 kg 20 packets per box, 25 kg 1 pack

  • Weight21Kg / 26Kg


Savor the taste of happiness!

Rich and creamy magic powder ☕🌟

Our creamer powder is the secret weapon for bringing rich creaminess to your beverages! Carefully crafted, this powder enhances the richness of your coffee, tea, and various drinks, delivering an indulgent creamy flavor with every sip, reminiscent of cozy cafe environments.

Not only does our creamer powder offer rich dairy flavor, but it also boasts excellent solubility, quickly blending into hot beverages for a seamless drink experience. Whether you crave a robust cup of coffee in the morning or a soothing tea in the afternoon, our creamer powder caters to your creamy desires.

Add our creamer powder to elevate the taste of your beverages and relish in the pleasure of rich creaminess. Whether at home, the office, or a cafe, indulge in a cup of creamy delight anytime!

Product Specifications

Product NameNon-Dairy Creamer
Minimum Order Quantity10 boxes in total
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage shop