Cheese Flavored Creamer Powder
Cheese Flavored Creamer Powder

Cheese Flavored Creamer Powder

  • Specification1Kg*20 Bags /CTN

  • Weight21Kg


Savor the taste of happiness!

Unique Cheese Milk Cap Powder, Endless Flavor Surprises 🧀

Our Cheese Milk Cap Powder perfectly combines the aroma of tea with the deliciousness of cheese, crafting a stunning beverage. Each sip is like indulging in a feast for the taste buds, with a subtle saltiness balancing the sweetness of the milk cap, providing your palate with ultimate harmony.

This powder not only allows for the creation of unique beverages but also lends itself to various creative dishes, instantly elevating your menu. Bringing surprises and innovation, Cheese Milk Cap Powder becomes an essential secret ingredient in your culinary and beverage creations.

Experience this unique deliciousness, embarking on an adventurous journey for your taste buds. Our Cheese Milk Cap Powder will bring you a delightful culinary experience, radiating its unique charm whether in beverages or dishes.

Product Specifications

Product NameCheese Flavored Creamer Powder
Minimum Order Quantity10 boxes in total
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage shop