Yogurt Popping Boba
Yogurt Popping Boba

Yogurt Popping Boba

  • Specification3.4Kg*4 Bottles

  • Weight15Kg (1 Carton)


Explosive Burst of Surprise, Vibrant Flavors, Embark on a Bursting Boba Adventure!

Explore a New Realm of Texture, Experience Explosive Surprises! Our bursting boba isn't just a beverage garnish; it's a revolution in taste. Each bursting boba is bursting with rich juice, bursting with fresh sweetness and subtle textures. Whether it's classic milk tea, refreshing fruit juice, or icy slushies, bursting boba brings unexpected flavor adventures. With a variety of options, each of your drinks becomes unique, not just a pleasure but also a lifestyle statement. Embark on a colorful, taste-explosive bursting boba journey now!

Product Specifications
Product NameYogurt Popping Boba
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single cup beverage shops, any type of beverage shop, desserts, restaurants

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10. Green Apple Popping Boba 11. Pomegranate Popping Boba 12. Grapefruit Popping Boba 13. Pineapple Popping Boba
14. Pineapple Popping Boba 15. Blueberry Popping Boba