Dragon Boat Festival Nice day


The end of the month is officially entering Dragon Boat Festival holiday!
Due to Dragon Boat Festival, we have a long vacation in our office.
Please write Email if you are in urgent, we will contact you after coming back.

Zongzi is the popular feast for the Dragon Boat Festival,with our Mochi bubble Milk

The calorie is not high at all!
Let's have a cup of Mochi bubble Milk Tea

\\ The secret of Mochi bubble Milk Tea //
✅Prepare mochi powder or pre-mixed flour
✅Water powder ratio-- 1(powder) : 3(water)
✅Stir well and put it cool, then dig with a spoon
✅Put in a hot drink, with a cup of milk tea/caffè latte/black tea latte and enjoy
Have a nice day.