Osmanthuns Plum Syrup
Osmanthuns Plum Syrup

Osmanthuns Plum Syrup

  • Specification2.5 kg / 6 bott or 5 kg / 4 bottles

  • Weight16Kg;21Kg


Infuse your world with the magic of flavored syrups

Osmanthus Sour Plum Syrup is a sweet seasoning that blends traditional and innovative flavors. Combining the floral aroma of osmanthus with the tangy sweetness of sour plum creates a unique taste profile. While our syrup isn't entirely natural, we ensure the use of high-quality ingredients and careful preparation to achieve optimal flavor balance. Designed to provide a convenient and delicious way to add a touch of Asian tradition to your everyday dining, this syrup is an ideal choice for consumers seeking distinctive flavors, suitable for both home kitchens and professional culinary environments.

Product specifications
Product nameOsmanthus Sour Plum Flavored Syrup
Instructions or Method1:4 or 1:5 ratio, typically 30 milliliters, mixed with tea (adjust according to individual taste)
Minimum order quantityTotal of 10 boxes
ApplicationsCinemas, amusement parks, personal DIY, single-cup beverage shops, and any type of beverage store